What's with the new brand?

A refined vision

Eight years ago, we had no clue “what we wanted to do”, other than the fact we knew we wanted to create videos.  To be honest, the idea of being paid to make them was not something I had considered up until that point. But… as any entrepreneur will know, as you step out and get your hands dirty, you slowly start to find your way. 

About 4 years ago, I was asked a simple, yet incredibly introspective question; 

'Why do you exist?'

Business-wise (among other areas), I needed to answer this question. So it sent me on a journey of discovery.  Fast forwarding… I came across a few projects that made me feel more alive than I had before.  It wasn't something I realized at first but it slowly became apparent and a vision started to take shape.

Stir Stick is the result.


Why 'Stir Stick'?

Stir Stick Logo breakdown.png


"Stir" means to be emotionally moved or strongly affected.  It is heard as a positive connotation and perfectly explains the deep, emotional reaction to the content that we strive to create for our clients.  It also speaks to the mixing of many ingredients used to produce remarkable content, such as 'video, graphics, sound design, music, etc'.



'Stick' refers to the business or tool that is used to mix the ingredients (video, graphics, sound, music, etc) together.



Designed to be memorable, and simple to look like the swirling motion of a stir stick in use.



Using an alliteration technique to make it memorable, it speaks to the stirring of emotions and other creative elements that ultimately result in the finished product that will influence viewers in a special way.




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