Proper structure empowers. Poor structure constrains.


Our Process


step one:

We meet.  You share all your ideas and I ask a bunch of questions so I can wrap my mind around you, your business and what you're wanting to create and achieve.

step two:

Proposal time.  I take that information from you and come back with a concept - a plan if you will, outlining the project, its goals, action plans, visual breakdown, etc and by that time, I will have a pretty solid idea on how much that's gonna cost.

step three:

Once the proposal is approved by you, you pay 50% of the total cost so I can have some money to cover my time and costs as we move forward with pre-production.  I plan out the details of the shoot, get all my ducks (gophers, for us Alberta folk) in a row, then pull the trigger.

(If you really love gophers.. I apologize for that imagery.)

step four:

Produce!  I film the video (or begin creating, if we're making an animation)



step five:

Edit. I hide myself away and put all the ingredients together to make it 'taste' good.  Once I'm ready, I send you a private link to watch what I call 'The Rough Draft'.


step six:

Review and Revisions.  You watch the video, share it with a few trusted people and gather some feedback. Consider this step like a mini focus group.  We need to know if we're hitting the bullseye, so to speak.  We adjust and make some tweaks (which should be minor at this point), and I create the final edit.


step seven:

Delivery.  I send you your final video via the interwebs in the format you require and receive final payment.


step eight:

Release!  You share it with the world to enjoy.  It may be obvious, but this is definitely the most fun part of the project, and the most rewarding.